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There were no Circle events in 2009! :-(

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2007 Weekly Circle Events

thorsday january 4 * circle presents UNIVERSAL * featuring DJs ALKEMI and D.J. LAVOIE
thorsday january 11 * gnomefatty welcomes the SPANK MY GLITCH UP crew!!!
thorsday january 18 * featuring DJs MELEE, BASILIFEROUS ETHER, and NOTECRUSHER * open community DRUM JAM 8:30-10:00
thorsday january 25 * featuring DJs SELSYN and SHWILLY B
thorsday february 1 * circle presents UNIVERSAL * featuring DJs ADAM GIBBONS, NOTECRUSHER, and D.J. LAVOIE
thorsday february 8 * featuring DJs AMMON EP and JEFF MISSION
thorsday february 15 * I {heart} BREAKS * featuring PSYLAB live! and CoTec
thorsday february 22 * gnomefatty presents BREAKCORE222 * featuring DJs GREENMAN * DJEREMY * SQUARE[DJ] * TECHNO-B * SHWILLY B
thorsday march 1 * circle presents UNIVERSAL * featuring DJs D.J. LAVOIE, NOTECRUSHER, and DJ KELLI * visuals by VJ PHI
thorsday march 8 * featuring DJs MELEE and JEFF MISSION
thorsday march 15 * featuring DJs MEMORY TRACE, PUNCTUAL, and CURLY B * open community DRUM JAM 8:30-10pm
thorsday march 22 * SPRING EQUINOX! * featuring DJ BC, SIR KIBBLES, and SHWILLY B
special FIFTH thorsday, march 29 * featuring DJ CAV, eFREeMAN (live!), THE AVOCADO KID, and DJ PUSSYWILLOW
thorsday april 5 * circle presents UNIVERSAL * worldtronic beats by NOTECRUSHER, D.J. LAVOIE, and DJ GREENSTREETGIRL
thorsday april 12 * featuring DJs CHRISTOPHER XANTHUS, JIFF M. NOISES, and AXON
thorsday april 19 * open community DRUM JAM at 8:30 * then featuring DJs SPIDERMAN, DAMIAN, and D.J. LAVOIE
thorsday april 26 * featuring DJs 416, REV. DR. NIQUODEMUS JONES, and SHWILLY B
thorsday may 03 * notecrusher CD RELEASE PARTY | also featuring COPAL (live), BROTHER CLEVE and D. J. LAVOIE
thorsday may 10 * a FUNraiser forSPANK MY GLITCH UP * VJ's and DJ's hosted by JEFF MISSION
thorsday may 17 * featuring DJ RAY, MR. EYES LEE and D. J. LAVOIE
thorsday may 24 * featuring DiWRECKED vs. D EEVOUGH, DANIEL SEVELT and SIR KIBBLES
thorsday may 31 * featuring HOLLOW vs. MANIPULATION, JEFF MISSION, and NOTECRUSHER

2006 Weekly Circle Events

thursday september 7 * featuring DJs SHWILLY B, GNOMAD, and PUSSYWILLOW
thursday september 14 * featuring DJs BINARY, EDDIE ODABACHIAN, and BACH IMANOV
thursday september 28 * featuring DJs BRYNMORE, and BALAZS BOGNAR
thursday october 5 * circle presents WORLDTRONIC * featuring COPAL (performing live) with DJs NOTECRUSHER and DJ LAVOIE * sacred bellydance by MIADONNA
thorsday october 12 * featuring DJs veXation, SIR KIBBLES, and SHWILLY B
thorsday october 19 * ALL LIVE ORIGINAL MUSIC featuring PSYLAB, eFreeMan, and HOLLOW MANIPULATION
thorsday october 26 * host JEFF MISSION plus special guests
thorsday november 2 * circle presents WORLDTRONIC * featuring BROTHER CLEVE, NOTECRUSHER, and DJ LAVOIE with sacred bellydance by SHAKTI
thorsday november 9 * featuring DJs CHRIS BARNES, GNOMAD, and E.S.P.
thorsday november 16 * featuring DJ C and SHWILLY B  * open community DRUM JAM 8:30-10pm
thorsday november 23 * CLOSED FOR THANKSGIVING
thorsday november 30 * featuring DJs KEITH KENE, LAURYN and AXON
thorsday december 7 * circle presents UNIVERSAL * featuring FREEK FACTORY NYC residents plus NOTECRUSHER
thorsday december 14 * featuring DJs MARK FLYNN and JEFF MISSION
thorsday december 21 * celebrate the WINTER SOLSTICE with DJ LAVOIE and special guests * open COMMUNITY DRUM CIRCLE 8:30 - 10:00 pm
thorsday december 28 * featuring DJs CHRIS XANTHUS and SHWILLY B
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