10 years of appreciation

The email below was sent to the circle-announce email list on September 15, 2008. It is preserved here as an archival document, but was not previously published on the web.
thee gnomefatty kollektiv -- the deejayz, the veejayz, the dancers,
the movers, the shakers, the quakers, the hep-cats, the lolcats,
bananas in pyjamas, the spice girls, the dalai lama, mary lou retton,
margaret thatcher, bo derek...  and most importantly YOU!

Present a Family reunion 10 years in the making!

We know that what makes our events special is what EACH ONE OF US
contributes!  Since 1998, we've been dancing, drawing, hooping,
drumming, spinning fire, making music, creating visuals, building
temples, cooking food, painting faces... tapping into the incredible
creative energy of so many amazing people, realizing what we can do
when we come together and say "YES!"

Vanishing Point. Paradise. Oni. Memorial Hall. Dilboy. Dante
Alighieri. Marsh Post. Phoenix Landing. Senior House. Brookwood.
Lobdell. Spontaneous Celebrations. Redtail. Western Front…

***** C I R C L E ************ The Perfect 10 *****
It wouldn't have been possible, or even blawki, without YOU!
Saturday, September 27th
Doors open at 9:00pm — doors close at 1:00am
Dress like U mean it
Donate what ewe can afford
Respect the bass

Music, Video, chills and thrills in no particular order: Axon, Shwilly
B, Notecrusher, the Metonymist, j e f f Mission, Mathwin, DjLavoie,
professor pious, Sir Kibbles, Leonid, glitchies, djeremy, kalimba

*** Important Details ***
We will be accepting donations at the door, please give what you can
afford. All proceeds will be used to support the space and future
Circle events.

Space is limited, you must RSVP to reserve your spot. You can bring
one named guest (no anonymous +1). Sign up closes at midnight on
Thursday, September 25th.

RSVP here:

[url omitted]

Party details and location will be sent out the day of the event.

*** Please do not forward this invite anywhere. Seriously. ***

As usual, our Circle Anniversary party is a DO-IT-OURSELVES sort of
affair! We can use YOUR help in setting up & decorating the space;
greeting people at the door during the party; helping to keep the
space tidy during the party; and staying afterwards to help clean up.
Contact your local gnomefatty representative for details.

Leave no trace! We heart breaks! and logs! and YOU!
a Circle sticker
The Circle photo archives from 1999 and 2000 are online!

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