thee gnomefatty kollektiv and circle present LOCAL ORGANIC BEATS! fryday, august 6, 2011 Parking areas near the Marsh Post, Cambridge, site of the event

yes yes YES my friends! the time is at last upon us!

This is IMPORTANT INFORMATION about our venue so PLEASE READ IT and do NOT forward it to lists.

***The event will be held RAIN OR SHINE. Be prepared!***

*NO OUTSIDE BEVERAGES! We will be searching all bags for beverage containers. You are encouraged to bring an EMPTY container to refill with water and/or juice once inside.

*NO ONE UNDER 18 will be admitted without the presence of her or his legal guardian. Bartenders will be verifying 21+ IDs for those who wish to purchase alcohol at the bar.

*NO PARKING in the Marsh Post parking lot! details below.

*NO FIRE SPINNING or other FIRE arts. You are, however, encouraged to bring LED poi, hula hoops, and other fun toys.

*PLEASE use the PORT-O-JOHNs in the parking lot, instead of the indoor restrooms.

*We will be giving you a WRISTBAND which you should wear visibly at all times. You may exit and return as you need to, as long as you have your wristband.

*DANCE and ENJOY yourself... and stay SAFE!

We are excited to welcome some amazing DJ and VJ talents to the Marsh Post: selsyn, dj lavoie, char(7), mathwin, shwilly b, and mission will be playing the music to make you move your feet. mission is also presenting a lineup of talented VJs including himself (of course) along with dontnormally, bonk & special west-coast guest DR. HOO!

Even more, we are excited to dance and play with YOU! It's been too long :-)

Bring something to toss on the grill, or some other tasty food to share... come early to play and dance with the drummers... stay late and dance to the very last note (and then, help us clean up!).

There will be plenty of opportunities to HELP OUT during & after the party. In particular, Bob Rees is soliciting volunteers for the LEAVE NO TRACE crew. Check in at the door when you arrive if you're willing to pitch in for a bit during the party.


thee gnomefatty kollektiv

Info & Directions for the Marsh Post - 5 Greenough Blvd Cambridge, MA 02138


parking map:
party info:

There is ample, legal, on-street parking along Mount Auburn Street and neighboring streets. We have been advised that the BB&N School, across the street from the Marsh Post, has tolerated parking in their PRIVATE lot in the past, but we make no guarantees. The parking lots across the river on Soldiers Field Road are controlled by the DCR, and the posted signs say they are closed at dusk. Your safest legal option is Mt. Auburn Street.

Red Line to Harvard Square and then walk towards the Charles River down JFK Street. The bridge that you 1st come to is the Lars Anderson Bridge. Take a Right before the bridge and follow Memorial drive with the river on your left until you reach the Eliot Bridge. There will be signs pointing to go right to Arlington. Walk left instead and take the foot path towards the bridge (the 1st building you see on your left will be the Cambridge Boat House (THIS IS NOT US). Go around the boat house and walk UNDER the Eliot Bridge. The next building you see is the Marsh Post.

The address is 5 Greenough Blvd Cambridge, MA 02138 (Marsh Post 442). DO NOT PARK HERE. Park on Mt. Auburn Street, or park at your own risk in the private lot of the BB&N School across the street.

Note that Greenough Boulevard is basically the extension of Memorial Drive, which ends at Mt. Auburn Hospital. The Marsh Post is located just to the south/southwest of the Eliot Bridge landing. (The Eliot Bridge comes from Soldiers Field Road, toward Arlington and the Fresh Pond Parkway / Cambridge.) The intersection can be a bit confusing, so leave a little extra time, and have patience with yourself if you miss a turn. You WILL find us! :-)

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