"The more a person knows of himself, the more he will hesitate to define his nature and assert what he must necessarily feel, and the more he will be astounded at his capacity to feel in unsuspected and unpredictable ways. Still more will this be so if he learns to explore, or feel deeply into, his negative states of feeling -- his loneliness, sorrow, greif, depression, or fear -- without trying to escape them."

-Alan Watts, "Nature, Man and Woman", pp 31
David Allen, Entropy Maintenance Director.
Specialties: Video feedback, alternative lens construction, horticulture, all things chicken. Email: chicken[at]reading[dot]com

Brett Barbaro, Research.
Specialties: Video feedback, aural engineering, music, mathematics. Web credits: Party review in the Archives. Email: brettbarbaro@yahoo.com

Steve Hoey, Chief Safety Inspector.
Specialties: Video feedback, Internet and World Wide Web operations, performance, design, and consumption. Web credits: some still images, overall design collaboration, all HTML coding (yawn!). Co-founded Noise Laboratories in 1994. Email: hoey[at]noiselabs[dot]com

Toshi Hoo, What If?.
Specialties: Video feedback, equipment re-engineering, performance and visual art, music, sleep deprivation. Web credits: Animated GIFs, overall design collaboration, logo icon originally cut in steel. Co-founded Noise Laboratories in 1994. Email: toshi[at]noiselabs[dot]com.

Joseph Karuzis, Head Switch Engineer.
Specialties: Video feedback, switchie-switcheroo, philosophy of the mind, movies of the mind. Currently supervising NoiseLab/Nippon from Sapporo, Japan. Currently on sabbatical from email. Direct correspondences to feedback@noiselabs.com

Mark Kelsey, Significance Invocation Technician.
Specialties: Video feedback, editing, writing, drumming, magick. Web credits: Interactive experiments, contributions to the Archives. Email: mk[at]noiselabs[dot]com

Matt LaMantia, Data Integrity Engineer.
Specialties: Video feedback, computer programming, abstract reasoning, family and fluid dynamics. Web credits: "Noise is Information." Email: mutt[at]noiselabs[dot]com

John Parziale, Desert Noise Research Project Director Emeritus.
Specialties: Video feedback, guitar, four-wheelin', national and international travel, muscular therapy. Currently on sabbatical from email. Direct correspondences to feedback@noiselabs.com

Steve Ryan, Reading Research Director.
Specialties: Equipment acquisition, storage, and maintenance, computer operations and construction, child care. Web credits: Full tech support for all web, ftp, and email server operations. Email: sryan[at]reading[dot]com

David Whitesell, Physioptical Manifestation Constructor .
Specialties: Video feedback, carving, carpentry, adaptation, fire dancing. Currently on sabbatical from email. Direct correspondences to feedback@noiselabs.com

The Noise Laboratories research team is growing all the time. For information about opportunities at Noise Laboratories, contact Noise Labs' Corporate Stupid Brad Anderson at brad[at]noiselabs.com.

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Updated 30 December 1996
Steve Hoey, Chief Safety Inspector