Writings by Mark Kelsey, Significance Invocation Technician.

Noise is the background of the universe. The hum of life and non-life. The hum of distant galaxies and background radiation and life shouts; all the stuff and movement and reflections of sound, collisions and light from eons ago, and even hundreds of centuries in the future. Noise is the bump and grind of life, the byproduct of the intersection of vectors and energy.

Noise Labs uses this noise to make art, or more noise.

What do we do at Noise Laboratories? MAKE MORE NOISE! We make noise for God, or the gods. We use visual rhythm, repetition and feedback loops to create new views, visions, ideas in the brain. We translate auditory impulse into visual stimulus, and sometimes that reflects back the other way into sound (or hum anyway) which is why we work so well with a group called Synaesthesia.

We are inspired by rhythm to make multi-layered visual textures which inform and interpret the music. Each person makes a part of it, adds another layer, adds their mental space and experience, even when the others don't noitice at the time.

I work in television, but I don't consume it anymore. Or many kinds of mass media any more. My cable was disconnected for non-payment by the cable company. The most immediate positive change in my life was I didn't have to dust the TV nearly as often. The second result of my cable being cut off was that I now had time for a private life and a creative life, in addition to my work "to pay the rent" and some of my bills. I had more energy, too. My VCR broke before that. If I want to see a movie, I'll go to a theater (actually I haven't seen a move in about 5 months).

My TV doesn't have an antenna and I never watched broadcast TV anyway, so who cares. [Chief Safety Inspector's Note: Mark traded his TV for a brake job on his aging Dodge Colt several months ago.] I still read magazines. But I gave up on the news and the "boredcast jerkalism" herd-mentality desgised as "news" packaged by Newsweek and that ilk, because of OJ - and I've never looked back. I was in a bar and saw OJ's Ford Bronco being chased by the police cars. I thought a Hollywood art director had designed that scene, it looked so good in the late afternoon LA sun. I said at the time, "Reality has suddenly taken a dramatic left turn, for the worse." And if you look at national politics, or the international situation, it's true. It's all OJ's fault and it all started the day we saw that fucking Bronco.

So I'm desinging my own life. I'm now loking for a good art director to share my life with, but that's another story.

Which brings up the subject of magick- and programming your own life...

  • Unique energy. WE'RE TRYING TO PUSH REALITY IN A NEW DIRECTION... I think the most interesting aspect of our performances -and the process itself- is that every time it's totally new. Every time we do it it's a surprise (even to us). Every time we make this kind of art, it can never be duplicated again. It's the electronic equivalent of the Roman philosopher Heraclitus (sp.?):
            No man or woman steps through through Noise Laboratories twice.
            Because it's never the same river of video noise.
            And he/she is never the same person, after NL...
  • Questions for the people/audience/consumers:
      Why are we here?
      What side of the noise battle are you on?
      Do you want to continue to consume this limited, anti-vision anti-life commercial Shite?
      What does it take to get you off your ass and fight back?
      Why are you sitting there?
      What does the person hitting our web page get out of contacting us?

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Updated 22 October 1996
Steve Hoey, Chief Safety Inspector