Noise Laboratories commends those dedicated men and women around the globe who devote their lives to the further investigation and elucidation of Reality and Unreality. In the spirit of the World Wide Web, our research staff offers the following pointers which may be of interest to you.

Please Note: This list was compiled in 1996. We would be surprised if more than three of these links still worked. Good luck.

  • The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension.
    Dimitri has built what is quite possibly the most beautiful and informative site anywhere on the World Wide Web. Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson, and John C. Lilly are among the many whose works are represented. Massive links on subjects from politics to neurochemistry, and almost everything in between. Open another browser window and open your mind!

  • Hyperreal.
    Hyperreal is a collaborative publishing effort by over one hundred volunteers. Their mission is to give a home to alternative culture, music and expression. Lots of information about raves, about drugs, and other aspects of "alternative culture."

  • Boston-Raves.
    This is the home page for the Boston-Raves mailing list. Good general information.

  • NE-Raves.
    This page covers the rave scene in the whole Northeastern United States. More links to other rave-related pages, plus the ROM (Rave-O-Matic) listing of upcoming parties.

  • The Boston Society of Mechanics.
    "The Boston Society of Mechanics web site is designed to be a nexus for all the artists, shows and events in the Industrial/Techno/Electronic scene."

  • Brown University Students for a Free Tibet.
    Maintained by intrepid Noise Laboratories collaborator Noah Raford, this page lets you know about the Chinese oppression of the Tibetan people, and brings you lists of upcoming events and a host of links. Check out the "Contacts" section for some great graphics, too.

  • Ommadawan's International Drum Circle Directory.
    A good listing of drum circle events around the globe, particularly around the United States. Also several links to other drumming organizations and mailing lists. The world is rhythm.

  • The Video Performance Art Page.
    Hosted right here at by the Reading Research Director Steve Ryan. This page has lots of great links to artists, groups, equipment manufacturers, and other resources of interest to those pursuing video as something more than, say, Seinfeld.

  • The Corporation.
    It's their network, we just pay royalties to use it. Brad Anderson highly recommends this site.

  • Adbusters Magazine's Culture Jammer Headquarters.
    Corporate media onslaught? You're soaking in it! Turn to Adbusters for an on-point and sardonic deconstruction of North American "popular" culture.

  • Hakim Bey.
    "Hakim Bey is an avant-garde poet-philosopher whose work departs from the academic tradition, rediscovering mystery and magic as means of reconquering joy of life and defeating boredom. Also, the jihad is on those who would make life obey rules." Let Hakim talk to you about creating a Temporary Autonomous Zone!

  • The Compendium of Allowable Knowledge.
    Adbusters meets Laugh-In meets The Electric Company meets Salvador Dali. On toast.

  • Abrupt.
    "Apocalyptic optimism for the end of History." Adbusters meets Kubrick meets Karl Marx meets...oh, you get the picture.

  • Reading Access.
    The home page of our generous service provider, the director of Reading Research, Steve Ryan. Quality Internet service, from his home to yours.

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Updated 30 December 1996
Steve Hoey, Chief Safety Inspector